Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well... you did Evah

Time: early 1980s - 1994 Back in those days they were neighbors. We bumped into them at diner, bar, supermarket, party, club... That was the most creative and hypest era in Manhattan. When the Soho was Soho, walking in Alphabet City and Lower Eastside cautiously going to underground bars and clubs. Many Private dinners and gatherings with the interlects, artists, fashion photographers, Designers, Models, Musicians, bankers, and drink and others were flowing like Hudson river. Back stage passes, VIP lounge - I never had to pay entrance for clubs. There after 1995 ... The commercial world slowly moved into the city the people exchanged. Where did they go? Brooklyn, Queen, Williamsburg, Europe ... some still remain in the city and adapt to the new world. We have found several of those who left in Berlin, Paris, London, Queen, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Mid West... they still talk about the era ... the most inspired years which had turned many lives. Watch and listen to this video - Deborah Harry & Iggy Pop "Did You Evah". It brings back my great memory.

picture shown above (2006) was our last apartment in the red building on the first floor 1st Ave between 3 &4th street. It becomes one of trendy address today.

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