Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas !

Christmas for me is a time when friends are gathering or invitation to friends’ family. We combine our traditions by either being with friends or with his family. Often we gather people we know or friends who is/are alone on this day. Sharing is a keys word for us.

It has been 5 years since we are at home. We had nice walk to the city before the feast – drank a couple of Alt beer (local beer from Dusseldorf) at Fuechschen Brewery - my favorite fuechschen beer, celebrating Dusseldorf style. The Dusseldorfers meet up every year on December 24 in the Old City (Alt Stadt) between 12-16:00 having some drinks and wishing each other joyous holidays. After this ritual everyone goes home to their festive feast or dinner. It’s a kick off of Holidays festivities of days to come.
This year Jårg has a special request – Zuppa di Pesce – an Italian fish soup which has become our traditional Christmas Eve dinner since 15 years – only when we have dinner at our place. We would cook together-which is very rare. He is a master of scrubbing the mussels. They get very clean and well polished before they get into hot pot! I got to do the dirty job of cleaning fishes and squids and Jårg loves to film it- which it is annoying sometime!

This year we were 5 person – starting with my favorite German bubble –Sekt(German sparkling wine) from Fuerst von Metternich.

Our menu: refreshing Fennel Salad with Pomelo, Pomegranate and Citrus Dressing of Orange, Lime and Lemon; Goat Cheese Spinach Lasagna; Zuppa di Pesce; Cheese Plate ( goat, comte and gorgonzola) with dried figues and dates; Caramelized Apples with creamy thick Yogurt(such Turkish or Greek); Christmas Cookies; fresh fruits. Yes - the desert menu kept going til we could not intake anymore of solid substance. This time of the year we indulging more sweet than usual like at our friend’s Gluehwein-Mulled Wine Party the other days. There were at least 12 different kind of Christmas goodies and river of mulled wine which did not stop flowing.

Christmas day is Oyster and bubble for me. I look forward for this since weeks. Happy Christmas to you all.


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