Friday, December 4, 2009

The teahouse in Berlin

We just came back from our business trip from Berlin. My friend Koji brought us to a brand new teahouse with Vietnamese kitchen in Berlin Mitte which I am still dreaming. Chén Chè locates near Rosenthalplatz hidden quietly in the court yard back of a Jazz club. The elegant ambiance is in modern Southeast Asian style with dark wood accents with gem color of turquoise, red, gold and etc. The big counter with many tea kettles and pots as you may see at coffee and tea stall or in Asia and beautiful arrangement of Asian sweet delicacy which you should come out of your comfort zone and try some of this. The corner shop of varieties of tea, incense, ceramic dishes and some sweet to be taken away. On our first visit I try a bowl of Bitter Melon tea, Koji had sweeten Ginger Tea with lemon and fresh mint and Jårg was drinking his favorite Vietnamese coffee sweeten by condense milk. We try small snack of fresh spring rolls with smoked tofu to company our tea. The light Asian music in the background, the smell of different tea fragrances and soft scense with the perfect temperature of tea that was served. It was so soothing and calm like we were on spa holiday in Southeast Asia. We conversed and catching up on news. It was just perfect. On my second visit with friends - Koji, Jårg and I tried a Butterfly Flowers tea prepared in hot sweeten rice milk flavor with ginger. The tea came white with few dry blue flower floating as time went by our tea slowly turned blue. This time we had 3 different flavor of Mochi (Japanese rice cake) – red bean, taro and matcha (green tea) with our tea. It was an experience of the 5 senses. Later on 2 friends came and joy us. They had shake with alcohol made from rice flavored by herbs and exotic fruits. I will definitely try that next. Chén Chè is my new favorite meeting place in Berlin. I am already looking forward for my next visit.

Chén Chè : Rosenthaler Straße 13 , 10119 Berlin (Mitte)
Telephone: +49 (0) 30- 28 88 42 82

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