Monday, December 7, 2009

Eating and Environment

Do you know that one-fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock? There is a study that eating 200 grams of meat produces about 5250 kilogram of CO₂ (carbon dioxide) through the total process ending on a plate. Since May the residents of city Ghent, Belgium becoming the outstanding example in making a better world and sustaining the environment by declaring vegetarian every Thursday - the Veggie Day.
Without knowing that is good for the environment - Jårg and I have been doing this since years. We cook mostly vegetarian at home and using  fresh herbs mostly from our balcony. I was growing up having  a plate of fresh vegetables and herbs at the table. It becomes a habit to have at least 2-3 vegetables and fresh herbs in or with our meals.
Just imagine half of the world doing this at least one day a week like people in Ghent. There are plentiful of delicious vegetarian recipes. I will share them with you. You can check one recipe in my blog “Spontaneous Casserole” from 2 days ago.
Click here to read more about Veggie Day in Ghent.

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