Thursday, August 2, 2012

Salad with Tuna with Lemon Anchovies Garlic Dressing

Nothing is as refresh as green salad and lemonie tangy dressing on a hot summer day. 

Salad with Tuna with Lemon Anchovies Garlic Dressing: 
Lay mixed Green leaves salad(no lettuce) in the bottom of the bowl dizzle with extra virgin olive oil. 
Dress blanched French green beans, Niciose Olives, slice Carrot, Cucumber cubes, thinly sliced Red Onion, sliced Celery stalk with Lemon Juice, Extra virgin Olive Oil, Dijon Mustard, chopped Anchovies, chopped Parsley, Maldon Salt, freshly ground pepper and crushed Garlic. 
Garnish with almost ripe Tomatoe, Tuna in olive oil,  boiled eggs with black sea salt.

Drink: water with sliced lemon or cold light white wine such Vermentino or rose' wine