Monday, January 11, 2010

Some Winter stock ...

I picked up a whole bag of organic lemons and other fresh produce last week before the arctic storm Daisy arrived. I must say…I was disappointed that there was not much snow in Dusseldorf as I thought. We packed the fridge with the thought that we might be stuck in the apartment for the few days according to the weather report. I was planning to do some stocking up on sauces and preserved lemon. I made Rucola/Rocket Salad Pesto of course Preserved Lemons. I use this salty lemon in all kind of Tagine such Chicken; Fish; Lamb & Quince, Chicken soup and other dishes.
In this blog I will share my Preserved Lemon. The Rucola/Rocket Pesto is coming in the next blog.

Preserved Lemons:
10-12 Organic Lemons
12 Coriander seeds
3 Cloves
1 Fresh Bay leave – can substitute with dry
1 cup grain Sea Salt plus more if needed
12 Black Pepper Corns
Filtered water enough to cover lemons
Pasteurized 2 Liters Glass Jar

1. Wash Lemons well and dry
2. Cut lemons with sharp knife 4 times quarterly lengthwise make sure it does not cut through into wedge.
3. Boiled Water and keeping it hot until ready to use
4. Pasteurize the glass Jar – short cut: I put the jar in the oven at 180 C for at least 15 minutes
5. Put salt in between cut Lemons and catch the juice in a bowl so you can add it to the jar.
6. Put salt in the bottom of the pasteurize jar then Lemons, Herbs and spices in the glass jar and cover with salt
7. Pour hot water until just cover the Lemon
8. Close the jar. It will vacuum itself as the jar cool down.
9. Leave it in a cool dark place for at least 4-5 weeks before use. Wash lemon before use to reduce saltiness. It can be kept for 6 months and longer in refrigerate.

Crazy Water Pickled Lemons: Enchanting Dishes from the Middle East, Mediterranean and North Africa

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Just add a small piece of ginger. It gets aphrodisiacal.