Monday, January 25, 2010

From an Interior design fair Cologne

Here some pictures I brought back from Imm Cologne - International Moebel Messe Koeln  last week. The Music, Design and Fashion are taging along each other side by side from Styling, Direction, Colors and Materials.

Club & lounge atmosphere

Ecologicals material without processing.
Very beautiful stone seating made from wool

Grass bench
They both are so soft and very comfie.

White is stying in a very strong position as a main color. This time is mix with orange, grey, green, all tone of purple (some shade of purple as furnitures is difficult for me to live with everyday!), yellow and turqoise. 


The Grey Zone! Yes all shade of grey .. I love this when mix with the right color can be so fresh.


Living on the floor ...


The mix materials and texture and NATURE and something that show a craftmanship or handmade or animal expression like fur and feathers


Recycle... archictecture with cardboard or plastic boxes.
 How's about pizza boxes!

Transparent room with plastic boxes.

Outdoor - the 50's & 60's 

Lots of great storages ideas and multifunction furnitures for small spaces for all function .. unfortunately I was not allow to photograph them. Next exciting fair is the Milano Salon in Milan, Italy.

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