Monday, January 4, 2010

Designer Duck !

Why not start a year with a challenge and adventure! Especially day in my case was hours after Sylvester.
The Way to Cook by Julia Child is one of  my cookbook bibles since 20 years. I have been using her recipes for basic french dishes and develop some of them furthur. There is one particular dish which I had been long tempted to recreate since years... finally the time had come January 1, 2010. "Designer Duck " - for a New Year dinner. It was like a French Version of Peking Duck which you consume practically almost every part of the duck in different ways and the fat was used in cooking the whole dinner including side dished.
I started by roasting the duck shortly as it was still warm I skinned the duck then gently separated breast, legs, wing and bones. This was the most challenging part of this dishes. Your knowledge of bird autonomy is definitely advantage.
What happened after ....
The skin was baked to crispy crackling, breast was poached in portwine and duck stock with shallot, the legs and wings were brushed with dijon mustard and breaded and a duck stock after degrease became a duck soup.

 by Julia Child The Way to Cook Paperback

The dish was served with sliced Patato Gallete and steamed sauteed juliened Carrot and Turnip as Julia recommended. Designer Duck was incredible - just perfect ! It was well worth my time(31/2 hours) and energy I spent in my little kitchen as well as concentration with slight effect from the evening before... It was a really homey dish and was not at all heavy as I thought. Bon Appetit ! as Julia would had said.

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