Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shake your Day!

How can we manage 5 veggies and fruits a days without any stress! Jårg and I came up with a theory- how to manage our daily nutrition intake a few years ago. I admit we slack off sometime and we feel the different. 

We shake it … yes we shake anything that can be eaten raw. Creating everyday a new shake cocktail is fun to get up every morning. You can actually replace the caffeine with the shake. It wakes you right up. Because the nutritious value of the shake is amazingly high. It is full with vitamins and minerals as well as very low calories and fat. We drink it as breakfast of lunch when we are home.
Oster 4093 Classic Beehive Blender, Chrome
 What are we shaking –
First you need a good blender or hand mixer - we prefer blender … our basic ingredients are the combinations from at least 4-5 selections of fresh squeezed orange juice, lemon juice, apple, carrot, tomato, banana, kiwi, ginger, cucumber and tea made from Rooibos. Then come special guests such Boston salad, red leaves, parsley, Fennel, cooked/raw beet root, celery, broccoli, rocket salad, cauliflower and whatever fruits and vegetables in the season that you can eat raw.

The most important is to have enough liquid and not too much. It can be any fresh juice, mineral water or natural tea made from fruit or Rooibos.

You can add plain yogurt, buttermilk or honey to this energize shake. When I had my wisdom tooth pulled the other week. This was my saver for one week. Drops of olive oil or seed oil give addition digestive value.
American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide

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