Saturday, February 6, 2010

Diet !?!

The word DIET always sounds desperate to me. I have been adding sizes to my clothes in the last few years … well it comes with age and the change of situations and activities – I admit-I dredge going into diet. I enjoy cooking, eating, drinking and throwing dinner party too much. I used to be very active in sports – tennis, long distance bicycle ride on weekend, walking, swimming, etc. When I moved to Tokyo a few years ago my focus was on my job. Our social life was also well very busy – eating late, too much wine and champagne, sleeping in, lack of exercise or movement- these were the things no one should do like 3-4 times a week! The effect showed. Every visit back to Europe we were losing weight. I cannot imagine myself not enjoying life and I am sure I am not only one. I did lot of research and reading many success diet stories. The main messages which I gather from several experts and those who succeed in weight lose are eating healthy and consciously, exercise and being discipline. I came across several articles – why give up what you love, continue it with new approach...What is that mean … here is what it means. Analyze your routines: eating habit and exercise – if you do any then you better start moving your body. Doing slowly in healthy and natural way will avoid any yo-yo effect and you will be able to maintain your weight. Beside I am very keen on eating heathy food.
The Holidays season was approaching. Jårg and I wanted to be at home and I was longing to cook feasts and inviting friends and love ones. At the same time we did not want add anymore weight which we have gained on our biz trips last year. We want to do the opposite. We said we will eat consciously by reducing size of portion and I paid more attention to ingredients – more vegetables and fish - see my blog Middle of Holidays Season walk as much as we can in winter temperature – in this weather you even burn more calories. Make you keep the rhythm of your exercise 3-4 times a week. On top of that we take a 2 months break from drinking alcohol after Jårg’s birthday till mine. We were gushing in pool of  bubble and really good wine during the festivities and his birthday.
Since short before X-Mas we have lost between 5-6 kilograms and continuing. We still eat whatever we like even sweet & spicy pork belly. Slowly our stomach is shrinking naturally. Each day our meals consider of  1 main meal and 1 light meal such salad, quiches, soup, muesli or leftover  and the rest of the day we snack on fruits, nuts, sandwiches, raw vegetables, yogurt, chocolate, cake, cookies all rotating. We eat when we are hungry. Never starve yourself by being hungry. Drink lot of water and herb tea. The most important thing is to balance your calories, fat and carbohydrate intake as well as keep daily nutrition and MOVE you body and exercise - walking, dancing, jogging, join the gym if it fit you. Avoid any food conservation as much as you can. In accompany to this I also do a lot of reading on nutrition. Consult your physician or nutrician  beforehand if you have any health problems. I say ENJOY & and BON APPETITE!  

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