Friday, March 12, 2010

How to make Yogurt Cheese

I am  using this lovely healthy and low fat fresh cheese in substitute for cream cheese, curd and quark when I am in the location where I cannot find any of the above ingredients. All you have to do it plan in advance and have patient. It can be kept for couple weeks in air tight container in the fridge.

Yogurt Cheese Recipe

Large tub of Plain Yogurt – regular or low fat – important that DOSE NOT CONTAIN GELATINE.
Measurement: 1 cup of yogurt make ½ cup of cheese

Cheese cloth
Glass bowl

  1. Line the Colander with Cheese Cloth. Put the prepared Colander over the Glass Bowl then pour Yogurt in it to drain
  2. Fold the rest of cheese cloth over the yogurt to cover to form a ball
  3. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate  and let it drain over night about 18-24 hours till it forms a ball of cheese

Using tip: you can use this cheese in cooking Indian curries also a good substitute for Cream Cheese or Quark (German soft cheese) and many other dishes both sweet and savory.

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Dear maxie, I have been looking for a New York Style Cheese Cake in a European Way! You just made my day! Love from josephina